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Last time we heard from the Hallows family, Ripley had a baby girl named  Norma and a baby boy named Tucker.
She met someone new and bricked up some walls. Must be time for another letter home...

Here we go )

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Previously, we left Ripley pregnant and alone. In the snow.
Things do get better.

open the envelope )
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So, further adventures of Ripley Hallows.
I'm well into the gen - lots more playing than updating - so there should be no massive gaps between updates.
The whole "looking for a mate" stage might seem short, and that's because it is short - for some reason Gadwin didn't feel like screenshotting one of my play sessions early on. I re-staged a few important pictures,
but some of the situations couldn't be recreated and are therefore missing.
Hopefully things will run smoothly from here on out, otherwise we're going to have to start talking about a Hallows Curse.

Onward! )
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Here's the sim I made for CPowell's Halloween Round Robin, The Hallows Legacy. She's been chosen by vote to be founder, which I'm pretty stoked about :D I've mailed her off to Engram, who is playing round one, but I figured I'd upload her here for anyone else who wants to nab her.

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