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[personal profile] cpowellscircus  tagged me for this meme (a few days ago... I need to check my dreamwidth more often :D) I like it, it's cute.
I'm going to be cheater-y and tag anyone reading something interesting at the moment!

-- What book are you currently reading?
The City & The City, by China Mieville

-- How far in are you?
Just under halfway (141 out of 312 pages.)

-- What's it about?
A woman is found dead in the European city of Beszel. The story follows Inspector Tyador Borlu as he investigates the crime, both in his own city and in the other city which is intertwined with his own.

-- Are you enjoying it?
Very much. The way the story works, the relationship between the two cities, treats the surreal as ordinary without losing any of the wonder you feel as a reader. The pacing is masterful and draws you in, and I find myself thinking about the story and the characters during the day when I don't have time or the opportunity to read. If you like murder mysteries and aren't afraid of strangeness, I'd recommend the book without hesitation.

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