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So last update ended kind of abruptly, which I don't usually do but this time I was all "No, it'll be cool, I'll post the next update in like three days which isn't much of a delay" but then I got eaten by real life. Sorry 'bout that. Lets get on with this and finish it off - this'll be the final update, after which we can go to an heir poll when Carrie is kind enough to put one together.

Dear Mum and Dad,


Life, it seems, is full of new and strange experiences still.

Being a plantsim is strange, but strangely enjoyable.

And peaceful... as if I'm connected suddenly to something larger than myself that doesn't get very worried about anything at all.

Thankfully, Grace doesn't seem to mind too much.

She finally got a job in the dance career, which has been a lifelong dream of hers. It's pretty entry-level, but she's moving up the ranks like lightning.

Little CJ has reached childhood. It feels as if we're always celebrating something in this household.

Darling Romero is getting old, too. I hate to think of losing him.

CJ is such a bright, lively child.

And speaking of children...

I couldn't resist bringing a new little sapling into the world. Surely, in this household, there's plenty of love to go around.

So here's your newest and strangest grandchild, Kenneth.

He loves to be in the garden, out in the sunshine.

And if you thought the regular grandchildren grew up fast, you won't believe this one!

Bam! and he's an adult.

But still a total sweetheart!

He was desperate to join the garden club and meet other green-thumbed individuals
(although perhaps in a less literal sense.)

So we invited the members of the Rock Hudson Metrosexual Garden Club around to take a look.

And they liked what they saw!

Suddenly, it was time for another birthday...


and Norma. My beautiful grown-up children.

All the better to understand what he calls "his roots," Kenneth decided to take an experimental treatment and explore his human side.

Only time will tell if he sticks with it.

Tell Lambert I love the curtains she sent me. We're going to try and catch up with her and her kids over Christmas, maybe you-all could find a way to come down too?

Lots of love, Ripley


Well, I'm done! Carrie, you can go ahead with the poll (hopefully the pictures at the end of this post are suitable.)

Stats are as follows:

Norma Hallows
Virgo 10-1-7-10-3
Popularity - Become Rock God
Gay, +Brunette, +Black Hair, -Gingers

Tucker Hallows
Virgo 10-3-10-3-3
Romance - WooHoo with 20 Different Sims
Straight, +Underwear, +Logical, -Body Odor

Kenneth Hallows
Saggitarius 10-1-8-7-3
Fortune - Become Hand of Poseidon
Gay, +Perfume, +Hardworking, -Jewellery

Thanks for sticking around and for reading, luvvys. You people who put up with my absenteeism and delays and still have the good humour to write me comments. You are awesome and I appreciate you beyond words.

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