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Last time we heard from the Hallows family, Ripley had a baby girl named  Norma and a baby boy named Tucker.
She met someone new and bricked up some walls. Must be time for another letter home...

All my dear Family,

It seems things are looking up.

I didn't really manage to introduce Grace in my last letter, so let me do it now.
She's wonderful. So good with the twins.

She always has time for them.

She even agreed to shack up with me in this drafty little shell of a home!

Admittedly, it is a little cosier these days.

I snapped a couple of pics of the twins heading off to school today!

(They look so enthused.)

Both of them are doing really well, and I couldn't be prouder.

I'm so lucky to have these two.

Both of them neat freaks, like their mama.

I have a little news to share...

Yep, I'm pregnant again!

And Grace? She's still here.

We're all loving the lazy summer weekends.

We installed a fishpond, and the garden is really coming along!

I'm really loving having my hands in the soil.

Tucker is not so fond of the weeds!

Soon the time came for little Hallows #3 to enter the world.

Her name is CJ.

She has Grace's eyes.

She didn't stay little for long!

She's nothing like the twins as yet, but I'm sure as she grows we'll see more of a family resemblance.

Speaking of the twins...

They've done some growing.

Still, it feels like the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The work in the garden is never-ending.

I'm definitely having to spray more than I'd like...

All my love,

Notes: Grace is Joedy's gorgeous Desi Ray, available at the Treehouse here.
I think there's one more update left in this, then we can go to the polls :D

And before I go, here's a shot of Rosie's lovely Indigo that I couldn't figure out how to work into the narrative.

Gosh he's a cutie <3

Date: 2010-05-22 04:51 pm (UTC)
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The house is looking so adorable! I love it. And the twins both grew up beautifully. I really can't decide which one of them i like better. Poor CJ though... wth happened to her?! Hopefully she'll grow out of it. With two gorgeous parents like that, she can do much better.
OMG, Indogo! That's like the first time i see a sim of mine in someone else's game. Cool!
(well, technically, Engram had a transgendered one, but that's not really the same :D)
I'm kinda sad your turn is ending, Alle. You always make everything look so pretty and i'm afraid once you are done with this, you'll leave us again.
I hope RL is treating you well though and you are having fun :)

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